Alion Home Mocha Brown Sun Shade Panel Privacy Screen with Grommets on 4 Sides for Outdoor, Patio, Awning, Window Cover, Pergola or Gazebo -200 GSM 10' X 6'

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    200GSM lock-stitch knitted polyethylene fabric that blocks up to 90% of UV rays and provides up to 90% visibility blockage depending on lighting conditions.Breathable material allows breezes and water to pass through. No stagnant hot air and no pooling rain water. Easy to clean with a soft bristle brush and dish soap. Does not allow mold or mildew to grow.Durable, weatherproof, economical shade and added privacy, built to last and give you a nice balance between visibility, light and air flow.Comes with reinforced hems and anti-rust grommets on all 4 sides for easy installation with included zip/tarp ties.Great for apartment patios, mobile home parks, music festivals, backyards, front porches, etc.

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