Bassinet Sheet Set 2 Pack 100% Jersey Cotton for Baby Girl by Ely's ; Co. - Grey Chevron and Polka Dot...

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    Soft and Breathy: 100% Jersey Cotton Ely's & Co.'s Bassinet Sheet Sets are composed of light, soft and breathable fabric. Made from 100% high quality Jersey knit cotton, babies love our Bassinet sheets, as they offer a soft, welcoming texture that lulls them into restful sleep.

    Adaptable Elasticity: Fits Multiple Mattress Sizes Our exceptional product fits all standard Bassinet mattresses , enabling a great fit on irregular sized mattresses. Our uniquely designed sheet set is equipped with flexible, generous elastic, easily covering your mattress while simultaneously offering a tight seal, enabling a great fit for your mattresses.

    A Fit of Comfort: Snug & Sound. All sheets are reinforced twice with a thick elastic band, enabling you to rest assured that your baby is safe, snug and sound. Our signature feature ensures that there is no bunching, ill-fitting, or too-loose fit on our Bassinet sheets, avoiding hazardous situations and creating an exceptionally safe environment for rest.

    Two Pack For Baby Girl or Baby Boy The cool, classy grey color in a Chevron design offers the ideal bedding décor for your precious baby girl or boy, and our gender neutral two pack option allows you to use one, and wash one, always having a sheet available for easy convenience. Our specially made fabric washes beautifully, with stains and dirt easily washing away, leaving our Bassinet sheet set in pristine condition.

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